#VisibleResistance 2

Our second installment in the #VisibleResistance series explores strategies in "Witnessing Through A Camera." This skills share facilitated by Color Coded member Ashley along with artist dana washington, looks at the language of photographic images; suggests responsible practices of capturing and circulating the contemporary moment; and discusses how to support artists of color.

Participants practice photography basics as well as ways to respect privacy and ownership.


Meet Our Guest

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dana washington is a multidisciplinary artist from Buena Park, California. By employing imagery, narrative storytelling, and imagining Black Utopian life, her works riff on Blackness, gender-identity formation, memory, and magical realism. Working in artistic mediums of literature (composition), photography, cinema, and installation, dana is continuing her research and practice as a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of California, San Diego.