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Plant and flower bundles can assist in healing for emotional, spiritual, and psychological bodies.

Flower and plant bundles are an invitation to practice reciprocity with our Mother Earth and each other. In our first #AncestralTech workshop, facilitated by Agua Dulce Healing, we explored how the Spirit of the flowers and herbs can heal us through bundle making. Workshop participants learned about the Spirit properties of each plant, as well as how we can call upon the plants to assist us in activating our intentions. Participants were also invited to create their own bundle to take home.

About Agua Dulce Healing
Agua Dulce is a medicine grower/maker, Earth & Spirit-based therapist, and momma to a beautiful 4 year old fairy. Her healing practice is closely connected to Healing Justice and Liberation Movements. Agua Dulce has been studying flower & plant medicine since her work study began with her Elder and friend Queen Hollins at the Earthlodge Center for Healing and Transformation in Long Beach. Agua Dulce is committed to bringing her private practice to individuals and communities healing at the intersections of oppression. Her vision is to assist others in connecting to Pachamama's Abundance; becoming more in touch with their intuition and healing path. Sessions with Agua Dulce consist of platica's (1-1 conversations), flower card readings, and various medicine making practices. You can follow her on Instagram @aguadulce3 and Facebook @Agua Dulce Healing for workshops, events, and therapy sessions.