A People's History of Science

Color Coded is excited to host Free Radicals for our next #CommunityTech workshop! 

Join Free Radicals in unpacking the complicated history of science and its relationship to imperialism. We will be giving an account of science from communities that have been omitted from its histories. Our teach-in will consist of a short interactive presentation on the history of science’s oppression along with a reflection on non-Western sciences. We will connect this history with our lived experiences as people of color, women, queer, and gender non conforming people in the sciences. 

Join us in learning our histories in knowledge-building and shaping a science in which we can thrive!

~*About our Facilitators*~
Mario De Leon loves math. He was born and raised in Guatemala until the age of 9, and has lived in Los Angeles as an undocumented immigrant ever since. While he was not formally ‘trained’ in math, this topic has been of interest to him since the age of 3 when he first questioned (the concept of) God. Mario believes that math is beautiful and that we are simply out of love with math due to modern formal education systems, colonialism, and capitalism. One of his goals in life is to make people fall in love with math again. When he’s not contemplating the meaning of life, Mario likes to hang out with his cat, Pi. Mario believes in the power of math and science in the hands of the working class to radically reimagine what math education can look like for the benefit of all beings.

~*About Free Radicals*~
Free Radicals is an activist collective dedicated to creating a more socially just, equitable, and accountable science. We create accessible resources for political education on the intersection of science and social justice and collaborate with local progressive organizing efforts on issues related to science and technology. To learn more, contact us at: freeradicalsblog@gmail.com