Cybersecurity 101


What's the difference between a threat and a risk?


This workshop is a basic introduction to key vocabulary and concepts that drive cybersecurity. After discussing the foundations, we'll also work together to use our new vocabulary to analyze some cyber attacks that have made headlines in recent years.

About our Facilitator - Diyana Mendoza-Price

During her 10+ year career in the nonprofit world, Diyana would occasionally daydream about changing careers to indulge her nerdy enthusiasm for technology. At the beginning of 2019, she took a leap of faith and enrolled in Evolve Security Academy's remote, part-time cybersecurity bootcamp. Diyana now works full-time as a security assessment specialist, helping organizations gain a better understanding of how their networks could be vulnerable to attack. It's only been a few months, but she already loves the fact that working in this field means learning new things everyday. She's interested in supporting other underrepresented folks who are curious about cybersecurity and/or making a career shift into technology.

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About #CommunityTech Workshops


Color Coded Community Technology Workshops are every fourth Thursday of the month. We facilitate ***BIPOC only*** workshops covering a range of topics from digital privacy to DJing to GIF making. Workshops are free, but donations are always welcomed.